Marketing Tips for your Yoga Business

Leading with your belief 

I think that leadership is not innate. Everyone has the capacity to be a leader but that doesn’t mean that you need a title to become one. Leadership is about action, not position of power. It is about the actions that we choose to take to inspire those around us.

As a marketer, I think that we should lead with our beliefs because people don’t buy what we do; they buy why we do it. By marketing the why rather than the what, we can make deeper emotional connections with our audience and guess what, emotions control decisions. When an audience is invited to feel something, they’re more likely to pay for what you have to offer.

This is why, as a passionate marketer and yogi,  my personal mission is to help grow the brands, services and companies I believe in to spread the message I believe.

Extend Your Reach & Impact 

Many new yoga studios and professionals start their businesses and dive straight into tactics. They create websites, make flyers, post content in social media, and so on, but without really having a clear strategy supporting their decisions, so they fail. In spite of the good intentions, we need to face reality. You could be the best yoga teacher in the world but if you don’t effectively communicate your value to the right people, you simply can’t make the impact that you hope to.

Finding the right message for the right market will save you time, will enhance your professionalism, and help you to connect with the ‘right’ students & clients to ultimately make more impact.

Building your yoga brand

Yoga professionals, just as any other business, need to decipher how to translate their unique gifts and styles into something students can connect with. How do you want your students to feel about your offerings? In other words, how are you going to brand yourself as a yoga teacher? For you to be able to give your brand a voice, you need to know who you are (in depth), what you do, and why you do it. This will help you determine your ideal target, and how you want the image of your yoga brand to be perceived.

To answer these questions you may need to get in touch with your beliefs and values. And then from your deepest values you will create a plan to reach people who share your values, and this will solidify a meaningful relationship in their mind.

The perfect match: Yoga and Online Videos

While yoga professionals will argue that yoga is not about the competition, which I agree with, we can’t deny that the yoga market has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and business-wise things are definitely getting a little crowded. That is why getting started in a marketing communication plan will help you reach the right audience and expand your business.

Many yoga studio owners think that most of their business is attributed to word of mouth, which is a particularly strong type of communication. Additionally, let’s remember that yoga and online videos are essentially a perfect match, given the digital age that we currently live in. There’s no better medium for yoga teachers to demonstrate their practice, teach sequences or share tips. It’s also a great way to capture intimate interviews directly from your yoga studio, on the topics and ideals that you find most important.

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