Interview with a

Marketing Expert

Interviewee Name: Jesus Poveda
Title: Independent Professional in the Marketing and Advertising sector.

1- Jesus, first of all, I would like to ask you how you got involved in the world of Marketing?

I did a master’s in Industrial Engineering at the University of Los Andes and one of the subjects was Marketing. At that time, I decided that I would work in this area.

2- Throughout your career in the Marketing area, what has been the most important lesson you have learned?
That successful products or services come from competitively solving a latent need in the consumer, through the development of a brand that is solidly created and effectively communicated.

3- What experience(s) in your career have made you a marketing expert?
First, I had the luck of developing my marketing career working for almost 10 years for Unilever, the most important consumer products company in the world at the time. Then, I had the opportunity to work in several multinationals performing Marketing Management.

4- What role does technology play in Marketing?
A very important role; allowing on the one hand to understand more quickly and directly changes in consumer trends and their reaction to new products, and on the other hand, it exploits the potential of communication from social networks to effectively contact our target audience.

5- What are the main challenges for marketers today?
To not lose the conceptual depth in the development of products and services, while being dazzled by the development of the potential of digital communication.

6- Which company do you consider that uses a brilliant Marketing and why?
I greatly admire P&G for its innovative approach and marketing strategy.

7- What are the mistakes that companies make in marketing?
a) Think that marketing can create needs
b) Focus on communication and especially on digital, neglecting the essence of competitively satisfying consumer needs.
c) Neglecting financial responsibility in marketing decisions

8- When making strategic marketing decisions, what processes or methods do you use?
a) Starting from a well-structured business strategic planning.
b) Judicious study of the segment and strategic definition of the target market
c) Consistent development of the product or service

9- What is your advice for people like me, who are starting in the world of marketing.
a) Do not lose focus on the client.
b) Develop an innovative and competitive product or service with true added value.
c) Judiciously analyze the financial basis of the operation.
d) Find the best way to reach the target market both in communication and in the physical distribution scheme, taking into account the channel as a strategic ally.

10- To wrap up, Jesus, I would like you to share a good idea that has given you positive results recently and some good practice that you consider indispensable in any marketing team.
Apart from everything mentioned above, definitely the application of innovation as an organizational culture in the processes makes the difference.

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