Hearts that beat to the tune of kindness

Can change the rhythm of the world

My Story

Hi, I’m Maria Canon and I am the founder of Your Yoga Marketing. – I am a passionate yogi and entrepreneur, holding my finger on the pulse of the rapidly expanding yoga industry. I am the go-to strategist for top professional yoga teachers, studios, and brands looking to increase their relevance in the yoga world.

Whether you’re just starting out as a yoga teacher and you’re looking for help to kick start your business & take your goals across the finish line, or whether your yoga studio is on the road but you want to nurture your business and its growth by clarifying purpose and direction, I’m here to help you make it happen.

My Two Passions

After being a ballerina for 15 years of my life, I was naturally drawn to the familiar movements I found in the yoga studio. It wasn’t long before the depth of the practice began to draw me in and after witnessing the effects of a strong daily practice on my mind, body and spirit I knew I wanted to share this gift with as many people as possible.

I started teaching yoga at the same time that I was a full-time marketer for a telecommunications company in Miami. Over time, I realized that while I truly loved marketing, my heart and mind were saying Yoga. That’s when I had my biggest AHA moment. I realized more than anything, that I could integrate both of my passions together in order to help grow the brands, services and companies I believed in to spread the message I believed.

Committed to giving something in return to what yoga gave me and with a clear vision & purpose in mind, I entered the world of entrepreneurship and self-founded Your Yoga Marketing, a full service design, brand development and marketing agency specializing in the yoga industry. I work one-on-one with professional yogis and I guide them so they can focus on what they do best: teach yoga, while I take care of the rest.

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